Dienes' Theory of Variability

Dienes' theory relates specifically to teaching and learning of mathematics rather than teaching and learning in general. It consists of four principles:

1. Dynamic principle
2. Constructivity Principle
3. Mathematical Variability Principle
4. Perceptual Variability or Multiple Embodiment Principle

In the beginning, when we choose things for children to count, there are a few points we would need to consider. The 1st things given to children to count should be the same. When we change the variables, we need to pay attention to interfering variables - (eg. sticks with different lengths, although they are the same item and the variable is the length, later the sticks of different length can be used to teach measurement)

When we first start to give items to children, we should choose things closest to reality. In today's class,we were asked to think of things which come in a bundle of 10. Options like ice-cream sticks or straws were suggested. While these can be made into bundles of 10, it doesn't occur naturally as 10 most of the time. 

Here are some pictures of my findings of items which either will appear in 10s all the time or most of the time.

$1 Parking Coupons comes in 10s
10 Bowling Pins
10 Packets of Mamee Noodle Snack
10 Packets of Hello Panda Snack

10 Eggs in a Tray
10 Hot Dogs in a Packet