Use of Numbers

Ways of teaching / Giving instructions

1. Model
2. Scaffold (I wonder why .../ Planting some ideas)
3. Providing (Time, Space, Problems)
4. Explaining (High level process - last stage)

Jerome Bruner - CPA Approach
 Concrete (experiences) then Pictorial (representations) then Abstract (ideas)  

This is my first time hearing about Jerome Bruner and CPA Approach. In my classroom, I probably would have some concrete experiences. I would often plan for concrete experiences in my teaching. As a learner who learns better with visuals and hands-on experiences, I tent to plan lessons which will touch on the child's senses while learning. In the classroom, I would have them pick up objects which we would encounter on a daily basis (pencils, books, bags ...) we would use it for counting, comparison or sorting. 

Just a question as reminder to myself - Do I allow them to explore and experience the different ways on handling a task?

Various Ways to Solve a Problem

There are various ways to solve a problem. In today's class we were given a simple problem and as a class we came up with a variety of ways to solve the problem. We were all entitled to our own opinions and decide for ourselves which method we preferred. I feel this is important as it acknowledges and accepts the diversity in the classroom, from different prior knowledge, different methods of learning and different ways to look at a task.